Ratoath Community Centre, Co Meath

St Olivers Community Centre Ltd

St Olivers Community Centre Ltd (SOCCL) operates a multi-purpose modern community centre in Ratoath, including a 234 seat theatre, a community crèche, a restaurant and 5 large multi-purpose rooms together with a 7 acre community sports campus hosting tennis, rugby, athletics and other sports.

SOCCL is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status and whose principal activity is the provision of community facilities for the Ratoath area on a not for profit basis. It is governed by a Board of Directors who are all unpaid volunteers.

SOCCL succeeded the previous Ratoath Parish Hall Committee which had been formed in 1981 to erect a new community hall which in turn had replaced the previous committee who had overseen the original Parochial Hall which had served the Ratoath community since the 1930’s

SOCCL opened the current community centre in 2006 at which time the population of Ratoath was almost 7,000. By 2014 the population has grown to over 11,000 and as a community Ratoath has the highest proportion of young persons aged under 14 in the entire country.

SOCCL employs a total of 19 people. Almost half are funded by State grants ( Pobal CSP, CE, TUS) and the remainder are self funded from SOCCL activities. To better co-ordinate its community activities and to best identify and meet future community needs, SOCCL have now formed a new Ratoath Community Board (RCB) made up of unpaid volunteers from a cross section of the Ratoath community covering interests such as arts, sport, disability, business, tidy towns, youth, urban development, communications.