NB: All house lanterns use 15 amp connectors.
10 x Par cans (64) 1000 watt

12 x ETC Source 4 14 Degree Stage Spot Light (f o h)

11 x 650 Watt Valgus Profil Strand Quartet

6 x 1000 Watt Floods

1 x Spotlight plus stand

6 x floor LED Coloured Par cans

1 x Starville Hazer Machine including Pro hazer fluid ( Optional Extra )


Access to all cables and microphone stands


We have a range of gels available (if required), but you should not assume that we have the colors you require

Dimming & Control
  • Desk: Strand 300
  • Dimmers. Strand wallracks (48 channels)

• 1 x “Tubsca” moveable platform (3.3 m. high)
• 1 x steps


• FOH 1, LX 1, LX 2 and LX 3 are rigged and focused via the moveable platform.

Sound Specifications

• 4 x Full Range Speaker Cabinets TP 12/300
• 2 x Sub Bass Speaker Cabinets TP 18/600

• 4 x ta 1400watt

• 4 x Full Range Speaker Cabinets TP 12/300

Mixing Console
• Alan and Heath 28/4/2

• 4 x 31 band graphic equalizer
• 2 x Lexicon mx200
• 1 x Multicom Dynamic Processor
Full Stereo playback.
CD / MD / Windows media ( PC ..Personal Computer )


• 3 x AKG c 1000s Condenser
• 4x Shure sm 57
• 5 x Shure SM58
• 1 x Shure SM58 Beta ( Wireless )
• 1 x Samson Drum mic kit
• Microphone Stands and Microphone leads
• Wireless headsets ( Optional Extra )

• 24 way FOH to Stage
• 2 x 8 way cross stage multis


• 1 x Yamaha upright piano (tuned 440)


• The theatre has a loop system installed for hearing impaired


• . Installed front of house (centre.)
• 1 x screen


• 1 x Canford audio base station located stage left with circuits to control room and dressing rooms.
• 3 x Canford belt packs and head-sets.
• The station features a live monitor with view of stage (good quality.)

Film / DVD Projection
  • 1 x Christie LX6 lumen projector - affixed to front of house bar (input available for laptops and DVD player.)
  • 1 x Samsung DVD player.
  • 1 x retractable screen: 3m x 4m – permanently hung on fly bar in-front of LX4.


  • Red front of house tabs (operated from stage left)
  • 1 x black tabs (located 3⁄4’s upstage)
  • 6 x adjustable black legs (3 located SR, 3 located SL)
  • 2 x black pelmet (full stage width x 0.5 m)


  • 6 x swivels for black legs
  • 1 x Front of House tabs (on hemp lines)
  • 1 x upstage tab rail (on hemp lines)
  • 1 x upstage cyc rail
  • 6 x braces (for flats)
  • 6 x stage weights
Dressing Rooms
  • Two dressing rooms located conveniently close to back-stage entrance. Dressing Room 1 holds up to 4 and Dressing Room 2 holds up to 6 - seating provided to suit.
  • Both dressing rooms have with full mirrors and lighting.

      • Bathroom with sink in each dressing room.

  • Costume rail with shelving in each dressing room.

      • Loud-speaker in each dressing room (adjustable volume.)

  • The auditorium is 13.5 m long x 11.75 m wide.
  • The seating capacity of the auditorium is 234.
  • Seating is raked.
  • Seating is electronically controlled.
  • The seating is electronically controlled raked seating, allowing for seating to be provided per number of rows required.

Note: There is no access from Front of House to back stage (other than directly though the stage ) Left and right entrance and exit at back of stage

Stage Dimension

• The stage is 6.3 m deep by 11.75 m wide.
• The lighting grid is 5 m high.

Get in
  • The scene dock is accessed through the Ratoath Community Centre car park.
  • There is parking available for trucks, vans and cars in the Ratoath Community Centre car park.
  • Scene dock dimensions: 1.35 M wide x 2 M high.
  • Back stage access doors are located upstage left.
  • Back stage access door dimensions: 1.45 M wide x 2 M high.
Conditions of Get-In

The Venue Theatre proposes a technical meeting with incoming performers / companies at a minimum of one week in advance of a get in. During this meeting the incoming company / performers must provide the Venue Theatre staff with the information outlined below. (Failure to provide this information may result in delays or possibly cancellation. In the case of a cancellation, the Venue Theatre will not be held responsible for cancellations or delays caused by a failure to provide correct and accurate technical details in due time.)
• All relevant contact numbers.
• Date and time of arrival for get-in.
• Projected duration of get-in / get – out.
• Details of any extra crew / operator s required for the get-in, show, and/or get-out. Additional crew members are available subject to negotiation and possible additional fees.
• Details of any required pre-rigging of lamps or masking.
• Information on any pyrotechnical, use of fire, smoking on stage and smoke effects during the show.
• Any use of strobe lighting (including proposed speed of strobe) for show.
• Any additional hire requests.
• Any licenses for fire arms etc to be presented on arrival.
• Copy of your production risk assessment.

For General Inquiries & Box Office

01 6895600

For Venue & Facility Hire


For further technical information please fill out the form below